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Our extensive variety of products, which we offer to satisfy any requirement for church furniture in Idaho, is something we at Solid Rock Church Furniture take great pride in. Whether you’re wanting to replace worn-out pews, pulpits, or stacking chairs, our high-quality furnishings are not only attractive but also comfortable and long-lasting, making them ideal. We can assist with all your church furniture needs.

Church Pews & Seating

Are you searching for church pews to enhance the welcoming atmosphere in your church? A large selection of exquisitely built pews with personalized engraving, high backs, and amazing finishes are available at Solid Rock Church Furniture, all with outstanding high quality.

Church Furniture and Other Furnishings

Our passion is church furniture. For every type of church, from pews or theater seating all the way down to baptisteries, we offer high-quality church furniture with a commitment to excellence in design and execution. Below are the other types of furniture we provide:

Row of wood pews Las Vegas, NV

Theater Seating

Theater seating is a great choice for any space that needs to be welcoming and engaging. One of our most popular options, the theater-style chairs offer comfort while still maintaining an elegant look with many colors and styles available and different prices to fit any budget.

Used Church Furniture

We know that many of our clients are looking for an affordable way to purchase church furniture. For those with limited budgets, used pieces may be the perfect solution! We have a range of slightly used pieces of furniture that could meet your specific needs.

Theater Seating

Theatre seating, other than church pews can also provide a wonderful place for a great worship experience. Theater-style seating can be a great solution for churches wishing to create a more personal atmosphere with their visitors and guests. It still ensures that people have enough space, so they don’t feel cramped or uncomfortable during services.

Stackable Chairs

Stackable chairs are the perfect seating solution for churches. In addition to their adaptability and durability, they also have a lightweight design that makes them simple to move or stack for storage when not in use.

School Furniture

We offer solutions for your educational requirements for church and school furniture. For your entire school’s furniture needs, we provide durable chairs in every size and color, bleachers, and classroom desks.

Courthouse Furniture

Whether you’re testifying or offering advice to a client, Solid Rock Church Furniture’s selection of courtroom chairs will guarantee your comfort.

Re-upholstery & Re-finishing Services for Your Church Furniture

Have you thought of refurbishing your current pews and chairs rather than purchasing new furniture? This is a suitable alternative that offers a fresh appearance and feels. You can ensure that no detail is missed when it comes to restoration by choosing from a variety of upholstery options that come in colors to complement any décor and a wide range of staining possibilities.

Rows of red theatre seats Shreveport, LA

We at Solid Rock Church Furniture in California?

Solid Rock Church Furniture is committed to providing your Idaho church with high-quality furniture and reliable service. You can depend on us because we only offer products of the finest quality at reasonable costs.

Regardless of the size of your church or other building, we work with you to organize the provision of the furnishings you require and assist in maintaining your budget.

Other reasons to choose us:

• High-Quality Craftsmanship
• Affordable Prices
• Experienced Professionals
• Top-Notch Customer Service

What distinguishes us from other furniture companies is our commitment to client service. We have consistently been acknowledged for our dedication as the go-to source for customers who require durable church seats customized to suit their particular needs. We can assist you in finding the appropriate furniture for your space, whether your church is in Idaho or somewhere else in this beautiful nation. Call us today.


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We provide church furniture, school furniture, and courtroom furniture for customers all around the country. When you want high-quality, affordable furniture, service, and more, call the staff at Rock Solid Church Furniture today.

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