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Our pew manufacturer is family-owned and crafts only the finest solid wood church furniture and stands behind our product both in quality and workmanship.  Our full line of standard designs and computerized technology allow us to custom design and build your furniture to meet your specifications.  With our experience of building pews for over 35 years, you will get the quality, service, and consultation that you need to coordinate your complete church interior.

Custom Engraving

Because our pews are made of solid wood, engraved designs can be added to any pew end.  Our engraving equipment allows you to choose an existing design – from traditional to contemporary – or allows you to provide a custom engraved design just for your pews.  Our rout edges are rounded with no sharp corners.

High Back Pews

Our pew manufacturer stretches the church furniture standard with our 35” deluxe high back pews, which are taller than standard pews.  These high back pews provide more support in the upper back and shoulders and are more comfortable for extended seating situations.  This additional height may be added to any pew body style.

Wood Quality

Only solid Northern red oak wood or Appalachian oak (no Southern oak) is used in our pew construction.  We are a solid wood company and for our church market, we never use particle board, veneer, edge banding or what other furniture companies may label as “all wood.”  With our excellent quality of using only solid wood, you never have to worry about any veneers chipping, peeling, or scratching through.  We grade the wood in our shop for color imperfections before the production process starts.  This “repair before production” standard further guarantees that the northern red oak used for your pews will create the finest furniture possible.


For deep grain definition and quality, our pew manufacturer hand rubs the stain on every piece of furniture manufactured.  Veneers or spray stains are not used.  To give a smooth, clear finish and extra durability, every piece of wood has two coats of sealer – lightly sanded between coats – plus two coats of high solid pre-catalyzed lacquer.
To ensure extra durability on our colonial pew (White) ends, every piece of MDF has two coats of white primer and three coats of white cab-acrylic lacquer.  Unlike painted finishes, this lacquer finish will withstand a great degree of wear and tear.

Seat Cushions and Foundation

Our seat cushions are made from 3” polyurethane foam.  To keep the seats from losing their shape, we never use fillers, only virgin polyurethane foam.  Our seat box and seat back  is constructed of 11 ply solid core, furniture-grade plywood (not construction grade).  With this durable construction and solid core application, there are no voids, will not warp, and gives greater screw holding power.  Additionally, we offer these upgrades:

  • Spring upgrade-serpentine-type spring (9 gauge springs connected by 12 gauge wire) is installed under the foam to add seat comfort and great durability for many years.  This great system ensures that the springs flex together and not independently.  Our spring system is held in place every 6” by self-lubricating nylon clips (remains quiet and will not squeak like metal clips).
  • An additional 1” of foam (4” total) can be added to our standard 3” foam seat for extra comfort and cushion life.

Back Cushions

Our pew back cushions are made from 1” polyurethane foam.  For added comfort and back support, we offer several options and upgrades:

  • An additional ½” or 1” of foam (1 ½” or 2” total) can be added to our standard 1” back for extra comfort and cushion life.
  • Lumbar backs – 2” foam along the length and lover portion of the pew back for additional back support.
  • Ergonomic backs – 2 ½” foam in the upper portion of the pew back allows you to see and feel the additional back support.  The ergonomic back adds a “special touch” beauty to the pew.


Once you’ve chosen just the right pew body, pew end, and cushion styles for your sanctuary, you’re now ready to choose the accessories and additional option for your pews.  We can add any of the following accessories and options to any pew:

  • Padded Kneelers
  • Card and Pencil Holder
  • Card, Cup, and Pencil Holder
  • Book racks:   Our bookracks can be used with card and pencil holders and communion cup holders.  Under-seat bookracks are also available.  You have a choice of (3) bookrack styles:
    o   Traditional
    o   Self-Cleaning (very easy to clean)
    o   Curved


Are you looking for quality Chancel furniture?  From pulpits to communion tables, choir chairs, flower stands, and lecterns  to prayer altars, we can design and even customize Chancel furniture with quality and great workmanship that will catch the eye and add to any worship setting.  We will be happy to assist you with the perfect style and selection that matches your church needs.


Our warranty is our covenant with you.  All our pews include a lifetime warranty for wood parts and structural components, including springs.  Our fabric carries the manufacturer’s warranty.  Your contract and order will be prepared on our manufacturer’s legal documents to ensure that your warranty is between your church and directly with the pew manufacturer.
Delivery and Installation
Our Church furniture products are handled from start to finish by trained, experienced Church Furniture crews.  Our certified installers deliver your pews to the church, where the pews are assembled on-site.  Normal time for the manufacturing of your pews and delivery is approximately 90 days, but subject to the manufacturer’s schedule.  Should you need your pews manufactured and installed sooner, we will work with you to meet, within reason, your schedule.

  • Pew Cap Rails
    o   Our cap rails are solid red oak and have a round “bull nose” style accented with an attractive bead detail.  The cap rail is an all one-piece 6/4 cap rail.  The tongue-and-groove installation insures stability and durability for many years.
  • Pew Supports
    o   Our pew supports are made of 1 ½” solid red oak (no southern oak).  The back edges are all rounded with no sharp corners.  Our supports are no more than 72” in maximum span and are scribed to the floor on-site.

Our Service Area

We provide church furniture, school furniture, and courtroom furniture for customers all around the country. When you want high-quality, affordable furniture, service, and more, call the staff at Rock Solid Church Furniture today.

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