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At Solid Rock Church Furniture, we are mindful of what you need to create a great worship experience. With our extensive knowledge and more than 35 years in the business, we direct our clients to products that not only satisfy their needs but go above and beyond them with high-quality products at reasonable prices—while still fitting comfortably within their budget plans.

For your Pennsylvania church, we are committed to providing the greatest products and services possible. Our entire crew will be there for you, from the planning stages through installation, ensuring that you only receive furniture of the highest caliber. As a result, we provide free consultations and recommendations for the best types of furniture based on factors like space restrictions or preferred worship styles.

The Benefits of Choosing Solid Rock Church Furniture

There are a lot of reasons to call Solid rock Church Furniture, but here are the big ones:

For more than 35 years, churches in Pennsylvania and across America have relied on Solid Rock Church Furniture to supply them with high-quality church furniture and services.

To give you the greatest possible value for your money is our goal. This objective is perfectly summed up by the way we combine high-quality products with affordable costs and guarantees.

What distinguishes us is our integrity. The Solid Rock Church Furniture staff is dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and dependable service that you can rely on.

Through our many years in business, we at Solid Rock have developed a thorough understanding of the furniture-supply industry. We are skilled installers and service experts for churches of various shapes and sizes.

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Our Products

We have everything your church requires, whether you’re looking for a baptistry, communion table, or elaborate seating. Our seasoned team members will take whatever required steps to make sure every aspect satisfies high aesthetic and functional requirements, including longevity.

The high-quality products we provide include:

  • Baptistries
  • Pews
  • Communion Tables
  • Courtroom Furniture
  • Children’s Furniture
  • Fabrics and Finishes
  • Platform Pulpit Chairs
  • Pulpits
  • Stackable Chairs
  • Stained Glass
  • Steeples
  • Theatre Seating
  • Used Church Furniture

Quality, Reputation, and Trust


We at Solid Rock have created our product line to offer a wide variety of options that are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. We always maintain the highest standards in our field for quality.

For decades, we have been creating and designing furniture for churches in Pennsylvania and across the country. This is a heritage for us, not a brand-new business strategy. We live by our designs and production standards, so you can rely on them. Call us today.

Used Church Furniture

Church furniture is an important part of any worship center, but we also understand the concept of budgetary restrictions. That’s why we also sell slightly used church furniture. Our pews, communion tables, chancel furniture, and platform pulpits are just a few examples that show our commitment to helping churches have everything they need for their congregations’ needs with ease in mind.


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Why Choose Solid Rock Church Furniture?

To meet your needs, Solid Rock Church Furniture is committed to providing you with furniture with superb craftsmanship. You can count on receiving excellent customer service when you meet with our staff to go through your options. We have the knowledge to guarantee that you receive the appropriate furniture for your space.

There are various reasons why our clients choose us, including:

• Every project is completed with the highest quality work
• Complete refinishing and re-upholstery services
• Support that is customer-focused
• Cost-Effective Options

You can trust Solid Rock Church Furniture to produce church furniture that endures the test of time is what you need whether you need new pews or stackable chairs. To ensure your entire satisfaction, we can accomplish just that while working within your budget.


Consider using our refinishing services if your current furniture is still in good shape but looks worn. To help bring your old furniture back to life, we can clean, repair, and refinish it. For pews and chairs, we also provide upholstery services.

Let our specialists work on your project if you want a more contemporary appearance or a change from worn furniture fabrics.
You may be able to cut costs by having your furniture refinished or reupholstered. Even better, our staff can assist you in finding new pews at significant savings. Please allow us to assist you in locating the best solution for your needs.

Your Pennsylvania Church Furniture Company

Pennsylvania’s history, which spans five centuries, is woven from tales of revolt, inventiveness, and foresight. Philadelphia serves as the birthplace of this country, which was preserved at Gettysburg, and Pennsylvania’s cities propelled it into the Industrial Revolution.

Everything, including Little League Baseball, Andy Warhol, radio stations, lending libraries, and, of course, the United States, was invented in Pennsylvania. Prepare to discover about revolts, battles, industries, and more as you unlock Pennsylvania’s captivating past and its place in local, national, and global history.

Pennsylvania was proudly established in 1681 by William Penn on the principles of tolerance and freedom and upholds that tradition by providing for the needs of its people, fostering corporate growth, and being good stewards of the environment.

Whether it’s exploring history or going on a bike ride through the gorgeous wilderness, you can fully seek your happiness here. 

We have happy church furniture customers throughout the state including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading. Contact us today for all your worship center furniture needs. 


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